Boulders Beach famous for it’s Penguins

SANCCOB help protect these penquins.


There were around 1.5 million grown-up African Penguins along the southern African coast in the 1930’s. Human exercises decreased this number by a stunning 90% in under a century. The African Penguin, together with over twelve other ocean fledgling species found in South Africa, is thought to be debilitated and powerless against extinction.The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) was set up in 1968 in light of the expanded quantities of oiled ocean winged animals along the South African coast. All through the most recent 35 years, SANCCOB has reacted to each oil slick in South Africa and has treated more than 82 000 badly, harmed, stranded and oiled ocean flying creatures. Our inside treated 817 African penguins in 2001, 974 penguins in 2002, 1 050 penguins in 2003 and 655 penguins in 2004 – in spite of the way that there were no significant oil slicks in those years. Our endeavors in preservation proceed 365 days every year because of the way that expanding quantities of our defenseless ocean winged animal species require restoration year round.

Photo by ChrisLucasProAd

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